Can’t live without L.O.V.E


                              Can’t live without L.O.V.E


     In this very moment inspiration dwells within my heart. Humanity enters into the world in innocence and purity needing the embrace of one thing and one thing only, love. No matter how successful, wealthy, rich, well off, poor or homeless a person could be each and every human being that represents any level in life no matter the title needs love. Love is priceless and can’t be bought. Without love, who are we?

Now in days it seems as though our society is only attracted to money and power. Because of this way of thinking love is searched in all the wrong places. Often times we forget what’s important, such as remembering as we grind day-to-day, we can’t take anything with us when we pass on.

For example: If a man or woman said he or she is living their dreams and life couldn’t get any better because love existed heavy in their lives but they didn’t have fame, fortune or power. Would you believe them if they said they were living their best life?

I’m sharing this example because everywhere I turn someone isn’t satisfied. There’s always more to be done. Don’t get me wrong, hustling for your dreams and desires is something we all will experience and is something we all need to build character but my point is, we can’t forget the things we do have. We must respect and continue to do all we can to understand that if love exists in our lives there isn’t much else that’s going to bring happiness and fulfillment.

Speaking of fulfillment, when we do for others, why do we feel a sense of joy and compassion in our hearts? Giving food to the homeless or even providing inspiration to the hopeless is far greater than spending money on things we don’t need. I’ve been there, I thought at one point getting what’s mine will fulfill me, but in actual reality figuring out how can I help someone else brings me joy and fulfillment. Love is who we are! We are here to give love and create life through love! The sun gives energy, light and life to the land and without love in the human race who would we become? We would eventually die off and eventually become extinct.

If there’s confusion on your life’s purpose, know that you are put on earth to love someone else, no matter relationship, good or evil, age, race or gender we have the opportunity to give it. Love is greater than us but yet Religion and politics will forever be argued but one thing is for sure, LOVE is what we can agree on and Love is an important piece of life we can’t live without. Wouldn’t the world be a great place if there was no judgment only support? Wouldn’t the world be amazing if we didn’t see color or titles but saw our brothers and sisters as equal?

Love is not created by men, love is a gift that’s given, let’s share it and watch the world become a better place.

I want to take a moment and thank you for reading and I want to give a special thanks to my followers, thank you for supporting and sharing love to my blog as I continue to get better in my content and better with expressing myself on paper. You are the essence of what I mean by sharing love and support to something that may inspire someone else. Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Can’t live without L.O.V.E

  1. Great post? But I have a small query. Of the following types of love, which is the most important and the most meaningful? Eros, phileos, platonic or agape? I just want to know your thoughts.

    • Hey zulu. I actually never heard of these particular terms of love. But by doing a little research it seems as though it’s a Greek terminology. I believe all four is very important and it makes up the complete essence of love. I don’t believe you can have one without the other. Thanks for thoughts.

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