Tyler Perry Reveals Family Secret at Women’s Empowerment 2014

Tyler Perry Reveals Family Secret at Women’s Empowerment 2014

Tyler Perry Reveals Family Secret at Women’s Empowerment 2014

I’m a fan of Tyler Perry’s work. He connects to his audiences by expressing truth through his movies and plays. There are many who disagree with his Madea character, but I find nothing wrong with him playing Madea because of the outcome and inspiration the character provides. The argument of Tyler being in a dress to play a character is foolish to me because there are other characters that are played on the big screen that isn’t bringing any sense of purpose or self-examination to the world but yet those characters aren’t scrutinize.

Tyler Perry joined Radio One founder Cathy Hughes for an intimate interview during Women’s Empowerment 2014. During the interview the media mogul offered encouragement to women telling them to make sure they don’t miss their blessings by not showing up. He also revealed a family secret.

“I love my mother to death, but she lied to me,” Perry said.

Perry says he suspected the man who raised him, who he described as a “bastard,” was not his father because he was so abusive toward him. His mother, now deceased, always said the man was Perry’s father. After his mother died, Perry had a DNA test with his brother. The test revealed they did not have the same father. Perry then took a DNA test with a man who raised him. The test confirmed that the man who caused Perry so much pain as a child was not his biological father.

Perry encouraged women in the audience not to keep secrets from their children. He says now, he is trying to find out who is his biological father.

http://foxync.com/3365736/tyler-perry-reveals-family-secret-at-womens-empowerment-2014-exclusive/WOMANS 20 years Empowerment is where this original blog was posted. I saw this and wanted to share it. Honesty is so important in life. I couldn’t imagine being beaten and abuse from a man who was not my biological father. I don’t understand the mind-set in lying to your child about who their father is. I hope Tyler finds his biological father. I pray that he heals as he unlocks the truth in his personal life.


4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Reveals Family Secret at Women’s Empowerment 2014

  1. My heart goes out to Tyler Perry. He has been through so much but continues to persevere and encourage and empower others. What a strong human being.

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