Colorism, really?…Get over yourself

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I was watching Oprah’s Life Class the other day and the topic was on colorism. Now, at first glance my response was, is that a word? Really, colorism? Is that what we have resulted too? Like there isn’t enough prejudice and indifference amongst individuals as it is that we have now added to that pool of emotions and treatment with this new term. But after a few minutes into the segment I realized this really is a true problem. Not just within my community of African Americans but amongst other cultures of varying skin tones and complexions. As far as the African American community is concerned, this stemmed from a long history of slavery. The lighter skinned slaves were seen better and more beautiful and were given house hold duties and better treatment. Whereas the field slave was subject to the harsh outdoors and more brutal physical labor. I can…

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3 thoughts on “Colorism, really?…Get over yourself

  1. Your comments are well written and very true. We here in South Africa have four colour designations: black African, Coloured, White, Indian. And of course, the Black Africans were the most discriminated, especially during the apartheid era. As in America, Black Africans here in the Motherland were considered inferior and less than human. But they survived, only because they possessed a healthy and well-balanced self image. I believe this one of the reasons why Jesus issued the second greatest commandment; You shall love your neighbour as you love yourself.

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