Why should you retire then travel? (Getting out of the rat race part 2)

Why should you retire then travel? (Getting out of the rat race part 2)

Why should you retire then travel? (Getting out of the rat race part 2)

Why’re we taught to retire then travel? Who said that was a good idea? Why aren’t we taught to travel while we’re young? I would rather travel in my prime with more energy in my “younger years” then to travel when I’m older and most likely need a hip replacement or deal with body parts failing me. That’ll sure take the enjoyment out of moving around freely. The flesh isn’t built to last forever. So…. why don’t we make it our focus to see the world earlier on? If I could travel at a young age and settle down when I’m above 60 years old, I’d think that’s ideal.

You may say, my younger years are for me to work on establishing myself and moving up the career ladder as far as I can in hopes to full fill my dream which is the American Dream of the spacious house and the white picket fence. Is that your dream or is that a dream passed down from our society to keep you locked in debt? I wonder at times, why are we all doing the same thing day in and day out. The alarm sounds off and we’re getting up doing the same routine we did yesterday and the day before that. Our lives are so predictable. Is anybody looking to be unpredictable? Is anyone looking for more adventure? I honestly get tired of running into old friends and asking them how they’re doing and they say: great… just working and maintaining. I ask: well how is work? They reply with: Oh it’s just a job.

I also realize the more assets people gain and the more money we all make by promotions, the more money we spend. I hear nothing about investing and savings. The only time I hear bout savings is when someone is saving for a home. Well, I have a different plan and different goals. I make it my business to search my own heart and go with that inner passion instead of doing the norm. Most people are ok with the norm and if you are, seriously that’s perfectly fine. But… when I see people hating their jobs when I’m dealing with customer service merchants or when I run into friends that are going through the motions rather than enjoying life and taking in every moment I want to shake them up in hopes to wake them up.

People follow your dreams and passions. Don’t follow what seems to be normal. I know there are people reading who may not agree with my life choices (will blog about my plans soon) but that’s my point. It’s my own path and it makes me and my family happy. Become debt free and get out of the society trap called the rat race. It won’t buy you happiness. Only love and family will grant you happiness! Wealthy and rich folks can have all the houses and all the cars in the world but at the end of the day they can only sit their bottom in one seat at a time. Don’t be fooled by the illusion of the wealthy. I find it sad how the wealthy keeps getting richer and the poorer/ middle class keeps getting poorer. Learn how to invest and save money to travel younger, and then retire early! When you’re older there will be time to. Think on all the things you’ve done on this great planet when you’re older and still travel as you’re healthy enough to do so. Find a way to live your life without limitations and be an individual and stand up for your individuality. Thanks for reading about my opinion on our society.


20 thoughts on “Why should you retire then travel? (Getting out of the rat race part 2)

  1. Comment from facebook Katelyn Emmalese Kress: Maybe, for some , it’s because when people are older they need the motivation to live to see another day. Traveling helps people hold onto the belief that there’s a lot of beauty in the world worth living for.
    I personally think we should always travel, but, I can kind of understand the idea that when I’m too old to work I should travel more to keep myself from wasting away at home every day.

  2. Comment from facebook Kevin MacLennan: i think its the “work hard now” and “rest easy later” idea. i’ve noticed, that as i’ve gotten older, i’m more appreciative of things such as museums and monuments as compared to 15 years ago. i think with age, people will appreciate seeing the worlds largest ball of yarn, etc etc. the older you get, the more you appreciate, is what i think.

  3. Thanks for commenting on this subject. I see where you all are coming from, trust me I do. I also know folks who’ve worked there butts off in their younger days to wait to retire, all for something to go wrong and everything go left field. I understandwhere the saying originated from, but I don’t understand why anyone would wait to experience hardcore traveling, it’s available to us no matter the age. Sometimes the script needs to be re-written because we all may need inspiration in our lives to move forward rather young or old. My motto is (DO it when you can and hopefully you can do it when your older as well). Thanks again for you your opinions.

  4. Comment from facebook from Michelle Hood: Awesome post and comments! As you already know, I 100% agree with not waiting until retirement to travel and live a free life. Live that free life now. Thinking outside the box, outside the norm. Invest, save, live below your means and the possibilities will open up tremendously! Once again great discussion =)

      • It is my pleasure to support any/all young brothers/sisters who are reflecting God’s light..And you do that in such a down-to-earth way..It will continue to attract people like a magnet; as it well should..I only hate that I don’t have more time to visit..But I always get here; eventually. Sometime this weekend I’ll be by to add my 2 cents(comments) to your blog post..Virtual high 5^

  5. Nice post! (Thanks for re-blogging Ms. Berna)
    I think travel should occur throughout one’s life – from birth (that’s a one-way ticket, isn’t it?) all the way until you die. Your perspective on the world is different from when you’re 16 years old vs. 36 years old.

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