Should I tip more based on my ethnicity?

Should I tip more based on my ethnicity?

Should I tip more based on my ethnicity?

The enjoyment I receive by partaking in great fellowship with friends or family at a restaurant is fulfilling to me. I look forward to good service as well as leaving an unforgettable tip at the end of my experience! But, if I’m being honest, I attend to tip a little more than 30% even if I’ve received bad service because of my race. I feel partly responsible because, I was a waiter once, and the stereotype of African Americans not tipping and stiffing is not far from the truth. Because of my experience as a waiter and because of my knowledge in what waiters go through, I attend to carry the burden of leaving an unforgettable tip no matter if I get the short end of the stick, should I give a crap?

Eating in a restaurant where there are mostly Caucasian customers, waiters and waitresses, there will be judgment passed on me and my family at times. This causes our assigned server to lack in service and be less enthused in impressing us. When this happens, I find myself wanting to stiff my server because of the judgmen. And yes, please believe there were times I’ve been judged so bad, I followed through with that action and if I stiff, there’s going to be a note left for the attitude my family and I received. But, to be honest I feel like I’m only continuing the stereotype, and I don’t enjoy fitting in any stereotype.

I want the server to speak about how great these black people were in tipping in hopes to kill the stereotype, but I know this shouldn’t be my concern. I’m a great tipper and especially a great tipper because I’ve been there before, but if you’re going to judge my ethnicity then the waiter or waitress doesn’t deserve anything. For me sometimes, that’s easier said than done. If you’re like me, what do you do in these situations? What’s your opinion on this subject because I need help in this area! Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Should I tip more based on my ethnicity?

  1. I’m a white restaurant manager who used to be a server/bartender. No, you should not tip to compensate for those of your race that give a bad stereotype. 20% is the standard these days because most servers have to tip out a portion of the tips the get to hostesses, bartenders, bussers, etc. When I was a server, I didn’t care what someone looked like. Black, white, yellow, or brown, you received the same service from me. I took it as a personal challenge to try to get a good tip from what some people would call a “ratchet ghetto” table. Anticipate their needs, be friendly, make them laugh and enjoy their experience… Oh wait. That’s my job anyway. I can count on one hand how many times I got completely stiffed. More often than not, I was pleasantly suprised though. And even if they left me 10%, it’s still more money than I had when I walked in that day. I just tried to get them out the door and get my next table. Do no, while 30% is awesome if the server deserves it, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do that just bc of your race and the stereotypes.

    • Bradley thank you so much for posting to the blog and thanks for sharing your testimony. From what you shared, I will deffinitely feel better about my judgment in tipping when I dine in a restaurant again. Bradley, great point of view and it’s good hearing from you!

  2. Kevin posted this comment from Face Book. ok brandon. im going to sincerely comment. i’ll always remember you telling me once that, while we were working at ocharley’s, you sometimes felt ashamed of your skin color due to the way some people would tip/treat others. the answer to this is “no.” a: servers know what they’re getting into when they join the food industry (some just express their displeasure a bit more adamantly than others) b: people are people, they’ll tip like they do wherever they go. c: one should never feel compelled to tip more due to their ethnicity, that would actually be the exact definition of “reverse racism” d: just tip accordingly, 18-20 percent, or more if you are “wowed” by someone like me, or someone i trained, like you 🙂

  3. Roxanna posted this comment from Face Book. Brandon you are such a jewel. tipping should be based on the type of service you receive as a customer and give as a server. When taking a job know what you are faced with before you accept any position and if you can not give your best at all times regardless of adversity and the adversary don’t take the job. Work in your passion it won’t be a mistake.

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