Barkhad Abdi only made $65,000 from big box office movie Captian Phillips!?

Barkhad Abdi only made $65.000 from big box office movie Captian Phillips!?

Barkhad Abdi from Captain Phillips only made $65.000

There’s something completely wrong with this picture. Barkhad was a limo driver before landing his big role in Captain Phillips. He even received an Oscar nomination for his performance. You would think if an actor or actress was nominated for an Oscar in Hollywood they’ve arrived. But for such a big movie, this wasn’t the case for the “I’m the captain now” actor, which was one of my favorite lines in that movie. I know he’s new to the big screen, but I’ve never heard of an actor or actress being part of a big movie scoring such a small check.

Should he make millions in his next role? Did he deserve the check Hollywood cut, or is it just my ignorance? I’m glad this guy isn’t a heavy spender. Maybe he’s better off skipping the Hollywood scene. It may be better for him to see what Tyler Perry has to offer. Good luck to you Mr. Barkhad Abdi in future films.


11 thoughts on “Barkhad Abdi only made $65,000 from big box office movie Captian Phillips!?

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  2. (Comment from Cody Leleux from Face Book) Wasn’t this his 1st movie? If it was I think that’s a lot for a first time big role.He did a great job in his role..But how does it work do they get paid 1st are do they wait and see what movie does 1st? If they wait till after then he should get paid more but if it’s before I think that’s fair…

    • They wait and see what the movie does first I’m sure because they both just recieved their checks.Tom hanks made $ 600.000 in this movie which I still find a little odd but what do I know about movie budgets lol. Yes, it is his first movie and I thought what he made was a little low. They could’ve maybe broke him off with at least $100.000. The movie made 26M. I know it’s a lot of people to pay but I was like really?

  3. (Comment from Natodisha from Face Book) He should have had his agent negotiate the terms for him. I can’t entirely fault the directors/producers (or whoever pays who) because they make an offer and it’s up to the actors and extras to accept/decline.

    • That’s a good point Natodisha, I’m sure he knew what he was getting into when it came to the money. As I researched, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the salary. He seems to be just happy to be apart of film. I almost feel like he would have done it for way less.

    • I bet he won’t Kevin, he’s not a big spender anyways “so he says”. Now….. if he wanted to be flashy and look the Oscar part, a nice fancy car would eat that up. But he looks smarter than that.

  4. (Comment from Kevin from Face Book) well, with the exposure he’s gotten from that movie (and other money that nobody realizes will come his way), he’ll have many roles coming his way. seems like a humble guy.

  5. (Comment from Paul from Face Book) That is the average salary(base pay) for a first time movie actor. By the way Jonah Hill only made $60.000 for the Wolf of Wall street.(base pay) and he already was a star and an Oscar nominated actor.

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