How much fun is TOO much fun?

How much fun is TOO much fun?

How much fun is too much fun?

If I said I wanted to take my career and go from full-time to part-time to have more fun and spend more time with family, would I be classified as a lazy person? If an opportunity presented itself for me where I could travel the world with family for the sacrifice of less money, owning my own home or sacrifice time I would have to spend running my own business would I be classified as less ambitious?

It would be funny if a younger person from 18 to 21 completely switch the script and invested their money for 5 to 10 years, lived below their means with only the responsibility of having to pay their rent, gas and food which could bring forth the opportunity to retire by the age of 30 between 40! Wouldn’t that be cool? Or would that person be classified as poor?  We have so many desires, dreams and wants. But we must remind ourselves that we can’t take anything with us when we leave this earth. The only thing we can leave behind is our generation and our influences on them.

Life is too short! Wouldn’t you rather spend time trying to figure out how to work less and actually gain more? In these days we fill up our free time and lock up our finances. We create our own bondage unintentionally. Everyone is different but we all leave the same. Take time to relish in the moment and stop thinking your self-worth is in how much you have. Try and take the words me, my, and I out of your vocabulary and say we. If God said me and I we wouldn’t be saved by his son Jesus Christ. Side note: no we aren’t God and no we are not perfect, but isn’t God looking for a perfect church? Anyways the most meaningful things in life are priceless. If a person is having a BLAST and having TOO much fun in a healthy meaningful way then maybe that’s the right mindset. Thanks for reading, God Bless!


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