My personal testimony: If you don’t like your current circumstance, change it!

    My personal testimony:  If you don’t like your current circumstance, change it!

My personal testimony: If you don’t like your current circumstance, change it!

Many times we’re complacent under our current circumstances. Experiences we face because of poor or wrong choices can cause us to conform to one specific system day in and day out. One person may say, “Anyone who hasn’t made a mistake in their life obviously hasn’t tried anything new”. Although I can see where the quote is coming from, if you are like me you would disagree with the quote because my belief system is to strive as best as I can to not make mistakes in life. Making fewer mistakes has created an environment that’s stress free and fewer setbacks. Lacking in wisdom and knowledge and operating from a carnal mindset which is the lust of the flesh and pride of life can put anyone in a position to develop drama, bad habits, fornication, drugs, bad behavior and bad attitude towards others and the list goes on of course. The reason why I’m inspired to write this blog is because there are circumstances that we all may be faced with or currently facing.

One common issue that bothers me the most is getting involved with a job that he or she absolutely does not have any passion for, that person is solely there because of security making everybody else’s life miserable because he or she hates coming to work. Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning and your alarm clock sounds off but you’re bitter towards starting your day? The everyday grind of being confronted by your controlling boss or having to tolerate that irritating coworker. Maybe I’m the only person that has experienced this, but I’ve learned how to stop complaining about what I didn’t like or cared for and I learned how to apply that energy into what I would enjoy doing every day and what I’m passionate about also what’s going to make me happy day in and day out year round. Please allow me to share a bit of my testimony.

One of my worst time periods in my life was working in a warehouse inhaling dust all day every day lifting pilots and heavy merchant dice for 10 to 12 hours Monday through Friday with Saturdays being mandatory sometimes. Dealing with a controlling boss that cared only about production and reminding us that, “workers come a dime in a dozen” which means we are easily replaced. The only good thing about the job was my coworkers. We all knew how to lean on each other. But, when we would create a positive atmosphere we would be looked at by surveillance cameras and management will approach us from the offices and say HEY, no talking! Sounds a little like picking cotton or jail right? I can go on but I think you get the point. I made really good money in that warehouse only because of the excruciating over time but I came to the realization that I didn’t have time to even enjoy my money because I was working all the time! I was scared to leave because I had no college degree.

My true passions were to become a financial advisor and continue to inspire through my wife and I spiritual dance ministry and do TV commercials on the side! I put up with the warehouse for three and a half years which made me ask myself why am I still here taking abuse. I have bigger dreams and desires. God you said you will give me the desires of my heart as long as I seek the Kingdom of God first. Well, that day when I finally got fed up I realized I could do a lot better for myself. I was doing more complaining about my situation then trying to seek out Gods plan for me. I have a good personality and I knew if I wanted any parts of the financial world I needed to get myself out there and take some risks. I’d loose more staying unhappy then going after what I knew I was capable of. I went straight to the newspaper and found ADT. I wanted to get out of the warehouse work life so bad I didn’t see that ADT was commissioned based when I was hired. So I left! I said to myself I believe I made a mistake. I actually wanted to go back to the warehouse but because I didn’t put my two weeks in, I was decline request to return. Ok, so yeah at this moment I’m thinking I’ve hit rock bottom because I was unemployed.

In the mist of all this I was a newlywed and my wife was pursuing nursing and she was put in the hospital because she got sick. Her doctor said she had crohn’s disease…wait, hold up, back up, WHAT? Crohn’s disease? Yes Devil, you’s a dirty liar! But it turns out there was just a blockage in her intestines. This means they ran x-rays and she had surgery done and other medical accommodations. This also means her wonderful husband who is me Brandon at 20 years old at the time and she was 18 had no insurance to cover hospital cost because I was unemployed, I was scared but still at peace because I knew I followed the holy spirit. I knew I didn’t deserve what I was going through at the time because I did everything right. But because of my wife being so smart and having the favor of God we found a program that understood our situation and all the hospital debt, I mean ALL hospital debt was gone and paid in full! That was a relief, I knew if we could get through that we could get through anything! Me and my wife fell in love early and did not want to be displeasing to the word of God. The word of God inspired me and my wife to get married young. The love I had and have for my wife was love unconditional. I waited for my wife and she waited for her husband in purity and we never experienced anyone else. This is a part of good decision-making which is what I spoke of earlier. I knew God would come through because I didn’t just pray to God like he was my personal genie, I lived my life as an example doing my best to get it right the first time and not being led by my flesh but following the holy spirit in all I did. And when I prayed with all that I  was going through, I still wasn’t thinking about me. I would pray the Lord’s prayer and I knew that this tool would pass soon. I had total belief and faith in knowing through my risk taking it would all work out and I would somehow pursue my dreams and desires no matter what it looked like.

But, the saddest craziest part about all this is that I didn’t even have 100% support from church. My own family didn’t even have 100% faith in my decision-making. But I knew I was following God’s commands for my life no matter who didn’t understand it. His presence was always there and heavy helping me through the rough times. Doing it the right way and living holy was always preached every Sunday and every Wednesday in church. But when the truth was a reality I found out that not a lot of people knew how to handle it. I actually was living upright and found that my wife and I were further and further away from fitting in with the people we should have felt comfortable around the hole time. I bring my wife up in this blog because she’s the biggest part of my testimony. But anyways, back to the topic. I had to do something quick and find work to continue to support my wife since I took a risk and left that awful warehouse. I went into the restaurant business and became a waiter for a couple of years and found joy in doing this type of work but of course it did not full fill me because I knew God wasn’t done with me yet. Actually I knew he was just getting started with me. There was a sense of stability that did come again. My wife was fully recovered and healed and perusing her passions of nursing. So things were not where I wanted them to be exactly, but at least the rain stop pouring. Now I was looking for the sunshine! I knew the sunshine request wasn’t much to ask for because I still was waiting for God to grant me the desires of my heart because I seek the Kingdom first as a young man instead of sleeping around, partying, drinking, fusing and fighting and being immature and I honored my parents with all my heart.

I became a little discourage at one point because I knew I had a great personality, but didn’t have a degree and the network to know anyone in the financial banking or modeling world to pursue my passions in TV commercials. Filling out applications got me nowhere, for some reason I knew it would take one person who had connections. Well… do you remember when I told you about our dance ministry? That dance ministry inspired many, and it also led me to a local agency scout who was inspired by me and my wife dance at one event she attended. I made a little more money choreographing for this company and once a dead-end came along with the company, after about one year of choreographing a greater opportunity came forth. Now I would have never got the bigger opportunity if it weren’t for the local agency and being at the right place at the right time for the scout to have seen us. Having said that, the next agency was amazing and had the opportunities that I was looking for in an agency and there it was… my first TV commercial as an extra for N-telos wireless, I got good camera time and the commercial played during the 2011 super bowl and NBA playoffs and finals of 2011 and this opportunity led to landing a Gieco commercial as well!

I was still waiting tables but not for long. I served a district manager of Wells Fargo and he loved my personality, long story short he snatched me up and hired me! The district manager could have set anywhere else but for some reason he was assigned to me! I performed well in customer service and sales at the branch and that promoted me to Wells Fargo Call Center where it was a little more laid back. I felt that I could get paid more for my skills in banking and I wanted out of sales, so I informed my managers of a great opportunity I had with a great financial advisor position at a different corporation. They was sorry to see me go but welcoming me back if it didn’t work out. Now I’m a financial advisor/personal account manager.

So it looks like God granted me all the desires of my heart as he promised and I’m now 26 receiving incentives for good work and complement calls and my wife is now a Nurse who’s 23 and her passions are being full filled as well. We’ve been married for 5 years now and have been blessed with a new-born baby boy! We are focused on staying in the flow and walking the narrow path becoming debt free to get out of the rat race to pursuing our new passion which is work less and see the entire world as much as we can with no bills because everything will be paid off. We are filling our life with joy, love and giving back and helping others.

Life is not about stress but life is about a process and having patients. I now don’t hate my alarm clock, I wake up excited to get my day started excited for who I can help next and who’s day I can make better! What would have happen if I didn’t take that risk back then, what would have happen if the warehouse would have taken me back out of my fear of not having security? Security isn’t everything, your desires and passions are because that’s who God made you to be and that’s how you get closer to your purpose by following your heart no matter what anyone has to say about it. People, if you don’t like your current circumstance, change it. You have the power to speak to your mountain and tell it to move. Life is really too short to be stuck in a unpassionate situation. (Matthew 7:14 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.) Thank you for reading.


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