Your 5 person dinner party, who would you invite?

Your 5 person dinner party, who would you invite?

There are days when I wonder if I had 5 people who I could invite to my dinner dead or alive who would I invite and why? Of course the first person I think of is Jesus Christ! I would have so much to ask him and I wouldn’t want to share our conversation with others at the table, I would want Jesus all to myself which means I wouldn’t want to do a 5 person dinner with him, I’d rather do a one on one sit down with him. Because of the way I would behave if I invited Jesus, I will be less dramatic and stick to someone that’s closer to our generation and someone that’s more imperfect.

With that said, my list starts now. My first person would be Abraham Lincoln. To me Abraham Lincoln is our Nations hero because of his dedication in his position in office. We weren’t in great times back then as a Nation but he did all he could to change our Nation for the better. He’s long gone but yet his spirit resides with us, especially in Washington D.C. I also respect his obedience to our Nation’s foundation which is the foundation under God. The powerful moves he made when he was president of the United States will never be forgotten and will always live on! I would have so much to ask him.

My second person would be Oprah Winfrey. Yes, I would love to have a conversation with Oprah in regards to life and living in the flow. I’m sure she would have so much wisdom to share. She literally came from nothing and made something of herself when all odds were stacked against her. Oprah has been good at understanding that little voice inside of her which to me is learning how to follow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you to your full potential and calling as well as purpose. I never was a huge fan of the Oprah Winfrey show but I enjoy her OWN network. She educates with always having a positive intent to enlighten someone in hopes that they find their greatest truth.

My third person would be Walt Disney. I would be very excited to get inside Walt Disney’s mind. I think it’s amazing how you can draw a mouse and turn it into a billion dollar business. He Is influential and how wonderful is it to be long gone and have a successful business that still make adults and kids around the world happy each and every day? Disney is everywhere and if I ever wanted to run a business, I’d sure want to call a meeting with this guy for sure, as well as Bill Gates but I wouldn’t invite Bill Gates because hes a little socially awkward.

My fourth person of course would be Michael Jackson! This man has been very influential in people’s lives, I would love to ask him how he slept at night with all his creative ideas. I’m sure he would tell me he couldn’t go to sleep without taking sleeping pills but I think it’s amazing how MJ gave of himself to better the world in any way he could through music and never once did MJ make it seem like he was Mr. untouchable, we made it known that Michael was untouchable and the media was never pleasant with him. MJ gave inspirational music pushing us forward through man in the mirror, black or white, heal the world and they don’t really care about us. He is the core of hard work and perfecting your craft. I’m just so sorry he had to leave this earth the way that he did. He helped me believe in myself specific areas of my life. He was and still is an influential person to me. He has a seat at the table for sure.

Because my dinner party is only 5 guest I’m leaving out some very powerful influential people like Benny Hen, John MacArthur, Martin Luther King, Mohamed Ali, Obama, John F Kennedy, Rosa Parks and the list goes on but I’m talking about my dinner table. I need to have dinner with those who I felt a connection with and who I believe I could relate too.

This brings me to my last and final person. You may or may not know her and she hasn’t been on TV. but I could not have dinner with out my wife. She is very influential in my life and inspires me every single day. I have never met anyone like this woman before. Michelle is giving of herself and saves lives each and every day in her profession as a nurse. She knew who she wanted to be and did not let one thing get in the way of her goals. She had our son natural with no medicine at all. She took it back in the days where we didn’t have advance technology like today. She knew what life she wanted and will be set in her late 20’s to 30’s because of her will for lack of error. God was looking out for me when he sent this special person my way.

So there it is people, my list of 5! Who would you choose and why? Thank you for reading, and please follow!


12 thoughts on “Your 5 person dinner party, who would you invite?

  1. One night several years ago, Jesus Christ himself appeared to me in a vision. Immediately after He appeared the scene shifted and we were walking through a sugar cane field. He was dressed in white, dazzling white, yet I was able to look into His face. The robe He wore had a hood, and His brown hair was shoulder length. His feet? Well, I didn’t see His feet. He seemed to be floating rather than actually walking. I had often speculated on many occasions what I would ask Him when I get to heaven, or if I were ever in His presence. But once I found myself in His awesome presence I was utterly speechless. I couldn’t think of one question. Instead, He asked the questions. He put His hands on my right shoulder and asked: “My servant, do you belive that I am pleased with your life?” I replied, Sir, I don’t know. We walked on a few more paces with His hand never leaving my shoulder, in complete silence. I think I was afraid to say anything. Finally, Jesus spoke once again, and said, “My servant, do you want to come home to be with me?” I didn’t hesitate to answer. Yes! Came my excited reply. Then Jesus said, “My servant, I too, want you to be with Me. After you have finished the work that I have called you to do, then I will bring you home to be with Me forever.” So, my friend, I believe that once you gaze into the Master’s face, you too may not have have any questions, because one look into His face, all your unanswered questions will be instantly answered.

    • Thank you for reading Zulu. I’m sure I wouldn’t have anything to say if Jesus came to sit at my dinner table in the flesh. Actually when I worship Christ on earth I don’t have much to say but the Lord’s Prayer which is in haven because his presence takes over all my thoughts. But, what an amazing experience you had. The Lord has a way of revealing himself to those who diligently seek him and knows his voice. All though I can’t describe his physical features I know his spirit and presence is constantly with me, there for once again if he manifested his self through the flesh with me any and every one I’m sure would be speechless. Thanks again for stopping by Zulu and God bless you and your family brother.

      • Good morning man of God! I writing to you because I would just like to encourage you to keep on writing, and never stop. Your words are mysteriously profound, yet down to earth and simple. You may be very shocked if you knew how many people read your posts without commenting, but nevertheless, rely on your very words for encouragement, strength and solace. May God continue to inspire and be you and your family in the New Year.

  2. I just LUV these kind of “Pondering” posts! I thought it would be hard to come up with my “5 Dinner Invites” but it wasn’t to hard! My #1?….*Maya Angelou” for her Giving Wisdom….#2?….*OPRAH* for her “Beautiful Spirit”…..#3?…..Our President “Barak Obama” for his “Authentic Self”…..#4?…..Former President “Bill Clinton” for actually “Balancing America’s Budget” once upon a time…….and #5……”Betty Ford” for making “Recovery Look Good & helping others”!
    There you GO!….NOW, “WHAT’S FOR DINNER”??….LOL. *Wonderful Post*
    Author, Catherine Lyon

  3. Reading this reminded me that this speculative notion has circled around in conversations I’ve had. Here’s my list: On my right, the incomparable CS Lewis, who, really, I’d like to spend a few months with. On my left, Jane Austen. Without a doubt, Ben Jonson, whose work didn’t surpass Shakespeare’s but can inform it nicely must be seated somewhere, and John Steinbeck, who would benefit from a bit of Austenian wisdom. Lastly at this authoritative sort of table, I’d have the Apostle Paul, whose encounters with the living Christ outshine any earthly utterances these other favorites might say. And, who’d have time or appetite for food, given such a delectable conversation!?!? ALWAYS love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 1.) Toni Morrison – Literary Genuis
    2.) Kevin Garnett – Youngest Player to negotiate his own contract (the largest at that time)
    3.) George W. Bush- I love that he can really laugh at himself
    4.) Cookie Earvin – An amazing Godly Wife and Business woman.
    5.) Bryant Gumble – One of the best and classiest in the Journalistic business.

  5. My #1 is God..I’m Catholic & we believe in the Holy Trinity; therefore God as my #1 at the table covers the father, the son and the Holy Ghost..And I try to also remember he walks with me every single day. Thus, only makes sense he’d be first at my dinner party of 5. I’d not talk, I’d listen..Those who know me know! me not talking is indeed rare…#2. President Obama..He is #3 on my list of men I admire the most(#1 in that spot is my Daddy, #2 is a 3way -tie of my 3 remarkable grown sons) There is NO end to the things I’d like to discuss with our POTUS..I could pick his brain & rap forever..#3. Oprah…Delicious rags to riches story & from a background of such personal pain/anguish and overcoming(yet still so humble and God-fearing) Truly dig and admire her tenacity and being a black woman is the cherry on top. #4. Nelson Mandela..Wow! Any man that could forgive what he forgave & spread so much light; is a man I’d cherish spending time chatting with. Or mayhaps just soaking up some of the light in a world filled with so much darkness.. #5 My 3 sons..I’d love for them to experience the vibes/words at the table I just picked. And if I had a 6th pick? It would have to be my parents 🙂

    • I love your list! Very inspiring and there is not any table that can top God sitting at it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You would have to add another seat because I would have to sneak in and see what ya’ll were talking about LOL. Thanks again for stopping by! And how are you and your loved one holding up? I’ve been thinking about you.

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