How do I politely say no to someone’s bad cooking?

How do I politely say no to someone’s bad cooking?

In a perfect world I would have the bravery to say no when offered food I don’t want to eat! Being a picky eater doesn’t help me build much courage. I’m that person that taste with my noise and eyes. I guess you would call someone like me a meat and potato eater. I feel bad about being a picky eater, so when the opportunity comes for me to try something new I attend to turn in the opposite direction, believing I won’t like the taste of a new dish from someone or from a restaurant. 95% of the time I’m correct on not enjoying what’s offered to me, but because I’m a nice person I would rather make the stank face and pray that I won’t vomit what I just digested. You may say, wow, after all that, just say no. Well, I wish it was that simple.

For example true story, I’m with a group of people who brings in all types of food for a gathering or celebration per say and I’m already scoping out what looks appealing to the eye and what potentially smells taste worthy. I load my plate with food that looks familiar and skip the food that looks like it needs prayer. The food I choose to skip happens to be a person I know and he/she wants me to try their amazing dish, I don’t even know what it was called, and because of such it caused another red flag. I just knew I was not going to enjoy it, it had my name far from it, but you know what I did? I responded with of course, how could I forget to try your well prepared dish! He/she says oh I just put this dish together with all my left over’s from my fridge.

Note to myself at this time was no wonder no one was eating this dish! I tried to figure out how can I get myself out of this one while he/she stirs the pot in slow motion with a smirk and ask me again would I like some? The spatula was extended towards my mouth in slow motion, I was left with no choice but to be optimistic and tell myself I’m over exaggerating. My brothers and sisters I was not exaggerating, it was even worse than I expected, it was so bad I couldn’t even keep a straight face! When he/she looked at me with the said face because of my reaction asking me if I liked it or not I almost said what are you trying to do, kill me? But, instead I replied with, this taste is unlike any taste I’ve had before, it’s different. He/she replied with, ok good have some more, as a matter of fact take some home with you. I’m like, ok, now you’re pushing it, I’m not going to be this dishes garb edge disposal, that’s what I wanted to say, but instead I replied with no I’m ok take it back to your family where it can be of great use. He/she says ok will do. Then I took a trip to the bath room wishing I used my hamster skills with the stuffing of the cheeks.

You see people it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. If I would have said no the first time instead of feeling sorry for him/her then I would’ve not felt like putting myself through this. I need help in building courage in saying no to bad cooking. What would you do if you were in a situation like my true example? Thanks for reading, God bless!


5 thoughts on “How do I politely say no to someone’s bad cooking?

  1. I believe that we have all been in similar predicaments at one time or another. But after a number of unpleasant dining debacles I have learned very painfully to just say, “No thank you. “

  2. I’m trying to play catch up with stopping by my fave blogs..So behind! If only we could add more time to our days 🙂 Anyways, totally agree with Zulu. Far better to say , No thank you than to regret it after..I’m a picky eater also so I can relate…And that includes places I’ll eat out at…One excuse or reason I use is; that I’ve already eaten..Or that I’m on a cleanse raw veggie binge(which I actually do alot so I’m not lying..) Bottom line is trust your eyes/nose..If it looks yucky it probably tastes yucky..Lol, lol no other way to say that nicely

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