He had a DREAM

He had a DREAM

I was really touched today when I watched CNN and seen the march in D.C. on August 24. I’m sure the love and support was thick in the atmosphere. It’s hard to believe segregation was only 50 years ago. I get chills inside just thinking that a man named Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and preached and lost his life for the cause of our society coming as one and ending the evilness of black and white hatred. If that isn’t inspiring I don’t know what else would beat this event in our history. Boy oh boy the times were tough and it’s so hard to revisit the remembrance of what America looked like back then. Our country really took a step forward coming out of segregation and having equal rights.

One man had a dream and changed the face of this country through commitment, the power of God and support. What is your dream? Would your dream inspire people to do better and make life worth living for those who feel all hope is lost? Obama and Martin Luther King is one great inspiration to our black African-American communities to strive to be great. Being great doesn’t mean to gain the whole world being great is being the best you that you can be. No one can mimic or be who God called you to be. When I look at how many people came out to march back in 1963 and the support the march received today it insures me that we can come together and stand together for what’s right and make a difference. Shout out to the butler movie the greatest history film that represented the times back then, a must see movie! God bless, and thank you for reading.


12 thoughts on “He had a DREAM

  1. My dream is to raise awareness and social consciousness locally, nationally, and internationally with my relevant articles I write and contributing articles from blogs all over the world.

  2. Friends of my parents actually DID march the first time 50 years ago(and participated in many sit-ins, pickets, etc. ) …I’ve the great honor/privilege of having held, even recently, chats with several of them..Even today after church…Lest ANY of todays’ generations forget it was only 50 years ago..And also don’t forget progress should’ve been ALOT further than it is..Or least that is the way I see it..Honestly feel my generation dropped the ball in many ways..Thankfully I see my sons generation moving forward in leaps and bounds(my having 3 college educated sons; with eldest first to attain his Doctorate is only one small piece of proof) We’ve come this far by faith/good, hard works; but we’ve got a very long way to go..Until Oscar Grants and Martin Trayvon’s (and countless others…) aren’t happening…There is work to be done

  3. Thank you for your comment bernasvibe. Yes, there is still alot of work to be done for sure. Congratulations to your sons in there success in education! I know some folks that marched back in the day at this historic event as well. Knowing people who took place in this event and hearing there stories is a great honor, I hear you on that. Unity is so beautiful to me. Thank you for your thoughts!

  4. Brandon,
    Great idea for a blog! I really think you can reach out to the public at large. Let me know about the interview and a timeframe that works for you.


    • Thank you for your comment nuwansenfilmsen. Yes, you are right, he did just that, he is Ssch an inspiration. You will enjoy The Butler, when you get the chance to see it, if you can remember, let me know what you thought of the movie.

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