Oh it’s just a MOVIE! Ha….think again!!

Oh it's just a MOVIE! Ha....think again!!

I enjoy spending time in the theaters. But, I can’t help but wonder why fictional movies have subliminal messages in them and symbols that represent the new world order or movies that continue to come out in Hollywood and constantly have Washington DC our Nation’s capital under attack. It baffles me when a movie is consistently about some type of virus and people catching a virus and losing their lives. And movies that have out of this world technology that Society may not ever have the chance to experience because our Government is 10 t0 20 years ahead of us, the people in high power choices what they want to put out in the media, I’m talking about the people who tell the president what to do, those people we just don’t speak of, so silent but deadly. Movies like the Dark Knight Rises that stir up horrific behaviors.

Movies with these consistent scenes of terror make me ask the question of, what is this movie trying to tell me or clue me in on? When I see my favorite comedians and actors that have reached success, people like Eddie Murphy, Jamie Fox, Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence, and now Kevin Hart, they all at one point in their career been forced to wear a dress, yes straight guys in dresses. Why? I know they defiantly didn’t ask for it! Just to name a few people like Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle refused to wear dresses but you see where that took their career. You may ask, what does this have to do with movie watching? Well these actors are some of the few actors that have made it in Hollywood. Have you ever asked yourself dressing a man up in a dress is just played out, like not funny anymore it’s 2013! So why does Hollywood keep forcing humiliation on particular actors to participate in this type of behavior? I’ll leave you to think about the answer to that question.

There are so many movies out that go beyond the surface and push the limit. Movies are very blunt; we get so wrapped up in the scene that we may miss key clue’s that should make us ask questions. I never leave a theater thinking oh that was just a movie. I leave thinking what was the message in this movie? I’ll give you an example. There were so many rumors in 2011 about 2012 being the end of the world or the end sometime within 2012. But Hollywood turns around and make the movie called 2012! That movie was really good but I couldn’t understand how over half the world was left behind and the people who was rich had a one million dollar ticket to a secured place away from the entire world ending. Long story short it made me thank of the people in power behind the scenes having control of everything and the people having lack of knowledge when it comes to the tribulation period we will face. It reminded me of the scripture in Revelation 7:14 – And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, these are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. I could go on but I’ll let that marinate on you a little.

Next movie was World War Z by Brad Pitt. This also was a great movie but I almost couldn’t get out of my seat when it was over because at the very end of the movie the message was to stand your ground and fight for what’s to come. The only way to overcome is to stand as one. That message stopped me in my tracks for a second and made me think of the subject matter of the movie. The movie was pretty much about humanity catching a vires and turning into zombies and Brad Pit who was the main character of course; his position was to find a cure to stop the vires from continuing to spread. There have been many weird viruses that came out of nowhere in America like the H1 n 1, that’s one of them I can remember but I dislike the constant push for flu shots and push for shots when it comes to our children. And why is the rate of autism constantly increasing? This movie also mentioned Marshall law and if you do your research you would understand that that’s a pretty big deal. It’s especially a big deal if our 2nd Amendment becomes tampered with. This movie reminded me of Matthew 16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. I will leave you to think on that to keep this as short as possible. The moral of the story is, people please ask questions. Everything is not what it seems. There is much good as there is evil in this world and I will be prepared for what’s to come if I live to see it. It’s serious out here; everything is always deeper than the surface. Some movies are not just to entertain; sometimes the movie may be gracious enough to inform us. Are you asleep to what’s right in front of you or are you better off not thinking about it? Thank you for reading, God Bless.


18 thoughts on “Oh it’s just a MOVIE! Ha….think again!!

  1. Naw some of us are very much AWAKE my new W.P. pal..And nope we aren’t better of not thinking about it..For that would make us mere lambs waiting to be LED ..You’re very wise to be so young..There are alot of things being tossed about to distract us from what could be going on behind the scenes..Which is WHY I’m careful what I watch on the boob tube! Distractions, distractions and more senseless nonsensical stuff on the BOOB tube(its not called that for nothing..) What is UP with all these reality shows? Hmmmmm..As IF folks have to have a voyeuristic taste or something..I personally care less to watch other folks daytoday lives..I’ve got my OWN life to keep up with/my grown sons lives from coast to coast/my parents busy schedule/my friends/my loved ones/and a social life outside of church activities/organizations??? Pfft! I’m still working on getting a social life. Who in the heck has time to keep UP with other folks lives on reality shows IF they’re living a full productive progressive life? I’m going to quote you on something. I dig Brad Pitt..Alot..He was instrumental in rebuilding New Orleans(which is where my roots are ..) after Katrina. I dig what he stands for..@This also was a great movie but I almost couldn’t get out of my seat when it was over because at the very end of the movie the message was to stand your ground and fight for what’s to come. The only way to overcome is to stand as one. >>> Lest any of us forget the recent ‘stand your ground law’ in the spotlight..It is good you’re paying attention..And try to connect with one of the news stations from over seas..they’re alot less distracting than ours here.Alot more so..I co-sign all you’ve said here about movies..Check out the recent vampire this and vampire that movies also.Glorifying it! As IF…So much to watch and read it is hard to keep up; but together we can do it. We must stand as ONE

  2. Bernasvibe thank you so much for your comment and expression on this subject! I hear what you’re saying about reality shows, I asked myself the same questions on how can I keep up with these distractions on TV when I got my own life to think about! I didn’t know Brad Pitt took part in the New Orleans rebuilding that’s just amazing! I’m so glad others like yourself are knowledgeable on subjects like these it helps me feel a lot better and gives me confidence that people will be able to work together as one if or when things go left in our society. Thank you for reading and once again I appreciate your expression on this subject! God Bless!

  3. When you mentioned in your comment about movies, and you wrote about people telling the president what to do, did you have the IIlluminati in mind? I live in South Africa, and it seems that many Africans are only just beginning to become familiar with the name.

    • That’s right Zulu. I was referring to the illuminati when I made that comment. There is most defiantly a secret society in this country. I’m so glad the name is becoming more popular. That makes me feel good. Secret Societies do what they want because people fail to have knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes. People feel as though we are so protected. The more we are so called protected by our Government of our Nation the more we lose our freedom. Thank you for your question and comment! God Bless.

      • Even in the Republic of South Africa, it is quite apparent that President Jacob Zuma is not actualIy running the country. It has been correctly said that those who control the nation’s finances control the nation. It is very obvious that on the continent of Africa, while rich in natural esources, many of its people are languishing in poverty, with no electricity, no running water and little or no sanitation facilities. When will people wake up?!!

  4. You’re right! Nothing is what is seems. Question everything. We need to go back to having a toddler mentality and ask the “why’s.” Glad to see others are aware, it is very reassuring.

  5. I have truly enjoyed reading this post! I too would sit there in the theater while the credits were rolling just thinking about the message in the movie trying to read in between the lines. I too have noticed the subliminal messages, satanic symbols, and references to the FEMA Camps and NWO. I was watching the news and saw this report on the homeless population in Columbia, South Carolina I wanted to know if anyone else saw the news story. I entered some information from the news story below. Reading your post reminded me of (Hosea 4:6), however, I am so happy to see there are so many out there that are aware.

    “Columbia, South Carolina Criminalizes Homelessness In Unanimous Vote”
    The Huffington Post | By Eleanor Goldberg Posted: 08/22/2013 1:26 pm EDT | Updated: 08/23/2013 6:44 pm EDT
    . “Last month, after bemoaning the fact that Columbia’s Downtown area had become a “magnet for homeless people,” the council decided that it would make loitering and panhandling in the area illegal and it would make homeless people go to a 240-person bed shelter or go to prison. The measure would have required additional police to round up homeless people and to stand guard at the facility to make sure that no one left without permission.”

    A number of other cities have taken such punitive measures as of late.
    Just last month, Tampa Bay, Fla., passed an ordinance, which will allow police to arrest people sleeping on the streets and put them behind bars.
    There, many argued that such a measure both punishes the taxpayers and the homelessness.
    “It costs roughly $50 a day to incarcerate one homeless person for one day. And during the last homeless count that took place, we had 356 homeless people in jail,”

    Although this decision has been since been rescinded in South Carolina it’s certainty unsettling to know it is in affect in other areas. Sounds like a sort of Marshall law to me starting with the homeless population. (1Peter 5:8)

  6. Thank you for your comment and expression eyesYOPN! I also thank you for the very detailed description about the homeless you expressed. It does my heart good knowing that people such as your self ask questions if things aren’t looking right in our society. I see that you’ve posted scriptures and I thank you for that as well for other readers to see and have proof of the times we are living in from Gods word (bible). You made a very good point in regards to Marshall Law. I do believe it’s starting with the homeless as well as you do. I will also add that Obama passed a bill called National Defense Authorization Act which allows the military and our corrective officers to act and put citizens in jail without a trail if seen as a threat or terrorist. I believe there will become a day when Christians or those who stand up for what’s right in God will be seen as terrorist in America. And by then, Marshall Law will be fully enforced. All I can do is stay prayed up because it’s a spiritual warfare.It’s so important to be led by the Holy Spirit as well as watchful now and in those days to come, just like we are being right now because of this discussion we are having . I can’t wait to meet you and I’m blessed that God has brought you and Randy in me and Michelle life. We are excited to build on a great friendship with you two. Once again thank you for reading and enlightening us on your great information! Well sad, and God Bless!

  7. When you have an opportunity please take a look at the following videos on YouTube, I look forward to hearing your feedback.
    Below is a total of 5 different videos:
    NASA Alert: America Blackout and GRID SHUTDOWN (9:22) -(look at the position of her hands on 00:20)
    FEMA Camp Documents Leaked (12:29)
    Wakeup Call 2013 Part 2: The New World Order (17:27)
    US Soldiers EXPOSING the New World Order Now!! (Must See) 2013 (7:53)
    illuminati October Surprise (23:48)

  8. I think it’s an ideal to think a movie is just a movie…of course it’s a message!! And a very scary one at that…it’s subliminal programming, designed by whoever designs it to keep people drained, programmed and doing what ‘they’ want…the they who are paying for the movie to get made in the first place. When you’re out of the matrix (yes there’s irony in that statement I know), and you can see clearly what’s going on, it’s a scary world and a scarier force we face. Now, where did I put the remote…

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