What does SUCCESS look like?


What does SUCCESS look like?

If you pass by a person that doesn’t wear the latest fashion or doesn’t drive an expensive car, what would your perception be? Would it bring you a sense of satisfaction or pride assuming that you may be more successful than that person?  Because we do have people in this world that represent the question I just asked, it causes a person to try to look like success rather than truly feel successful. It can make a person live well beyond their means.

Now in days it seems like trying to keep up with the Joneses only causes’ stress and debt, and a habit in miss treating the value of a credit card. I‘m not saying not to go buy something nice and treat yourself because we all have to do that, I’m saying does the particular item for example: expensive car, big house, name brand clothes etc., really worth the stress of maxed out credit cards, bad credit, debt and false representation of who you really are which causes low self of steam or un satisfaction?

In life I’ve witnessed people go as far as thinking that God isn’t blessing a person because they may live in a shack. You may say how is God blessing someone who lives in a shack? Was Jesus successful? Most defiantly when it came to saving mankind.  But we would have looked at Jesus as a poor man because he was born in a stable (his parents knew the approximate time of his birth so they could have reserved a place, God could have made sure he had a room) but it was to be in a stable, a cave. Lk.2:22-24 Mary sacrifices two turtle doves which is a poor households sacrifice (Lev.12:2-8).Why did Mary in her praise say “He has filled the hungry with good things and the rich he has sent away empty.”

I used the Jesus explanation because we don’t know what God has in store or already in place for a particular person’s life. All we can do is go off of appearance and appearance is very miss leading. Look at what happen to Trayvon Martin because of appearance. I’m constantly working on not judging a book by its cover. Since I’ve become a banker I’ve seen people who don’t look like success but turn out to be very successful and wealthy, blows my mind every time!  

So then I ask myself why someone would stress about looking like success instead of being successful.  Everyone can write their own story of what success looks like to them. To one person success is doing any and everything to be on TV. To another success can be, blow up so that people can scream my name and be known to millions. Someone else may think success is Big House, fancy cars woman and money. Or success could mean to save all your money live in a shack but travel the entire world and be debt free and live happily ever after. To a very few, success could mean to gain the whole world, but when it’s all said and done lose your soul.

Well my friend’s,  success to me is finding true love, soul mate that can finish your sentences and know what you’re thinking before you say it, then multiplying that love to a beautiful child. Success to me is being a great husband, father and doing exactly what I’m put on this earth to do which is to inspire and inspire through my career when it comes to helping people financially succeed, inspire through my business of home decorating to create a heavenly sense of environment for my clients and inspire people through my wife and I praise dance ministry. Most importantly success to me is being a true Christian and finding a place of contentment in my life and getting out of the rate race of society as well as grow my own food and have my own land and travel to see this beautiful world and become debt free because I have not been bound by what society say success looks like.

I must say I thank God because I’m more than half way there, but can I say I’m still successful because I’m only half way there? Yes, because I have a vision and the vision will come to pass because I’m in the flow. The flow of favor in my life because of the time spent in my early year’s soul searching for my one true purpose of my existence. So I’m successful because I’m enjoying the ride and this wonderful journey that’s set before me and my family! And no one can feel my passion but me because it’s my own success story!

What is your success story? Is it really your own success story or does it look like someone else’s? Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read my blog. God Bless you!





2 thoughts on “What does SUCCESS look like?

  1. Great post! Right on time, and very inspirational! Success is what you make it, It’s an individual experience. Thanks!

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