From BOY to MAN


From BOY to MAN

Living under the roof of a two parent house hold, you learn the value of love. Life as a boy for me was mostly all about learning how to become a man. It’s nothing like having a father figure to help you understand how to walk, talk, treat a lady and firmly shake hands as well as look another man in his eye as respect. Understanding at a young age how to honor God and follow his commandments on top of respecting morals brings an abundance of wisdom and discernment to escape peer pressure and scope out trouble from miles away. Having morals and following his commandments proactively helped me as a boy think with my brain and not with my man hood. If I would have thought with my man hood it could have created issues that could have followed me when I became a man, issues that can follow a man for the rest of his life and continue to distract his core purpose and destiny all because of lust.

The challenges and experiences a boy can face early on in life will follow him to when he becomes a man. It’s so important not to judge, because we don’t know what a boy who’s now a man had to experience in his life that makes him who he is. My heart goes out to the fatherless boys and the boys that it seems as though on every turn trouble follows or the boy who got molested as a child and etc. But, the great news is that God is bigger than any circumstance. Life could be going in a downward spiral for one particular child but through test and trials if he is driven enough, he’s able to use his pass circumstance as his foot stool for his future.

I would find it very hard to believe if a boy follows God’s commandments and have great morals that he would find it hard to be a leader as a man and lead his home and lead a career. Me, it was important to find a woman with the same values and morals that respected her body just like I respected mine, it just makes sense that a blessing would be bestowed on a person that respects God’s wishes on this subject because our bodies are as a temple unto God. In every bad decision there’s a consequence, there’s just no way around it. What a boy sows is what he can still reap as a man. My dad always told me there’s no way to sow an apple then receive an orange. Which means there’s no way to know right from wrong and chose wrong and expect not to pay the consequence for those choices? When is there going to be an end to the generational curse of our men not being fathers to their sons or daughters? I couldn’t imagine turning my back towards my child.

Once again though everybody has their own life experiences, but is that an excuse to not be a man and honor responsibility? When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. My prayer is that our generation will break the generational curse and more men will step up and be fathers and leaders instead of fleeing from adult hood and being scared to be with one woman for the rest of their lives. Being with one woman is one of the best experiences one can ever experience. Marriage is powerful; in my marriage we learn and grow together as a union with no distractions. There aren’t enough people telling these types of stories! I have to take the first step and say it myself. It’s what’s expected of us but for some reason it seems as though society lost sight of that which goes back to sowing and reaping. Now that I’m a man I respect my child hood. Without it as a man I would be lost. But I have to think my father and mother for my great child hood. Now that I’m a father I understand that it’s important to give 100% participation and not miss a beat, because I give my son the greatest chance to succeed by instilling in him what was instilled in me as a young boy.

If I didn’t have that teaching what kind of man or father would I be? All I know is that we can’t forget how important it is as fathers to show our sons how to walk, talk, speak, treat a lady, firmly shake hands and look another man in his eyes as respect. Most importantly teaching our children how to honor God and obey his law and have morals and also think with our brain and not with our man hood. Doing these things can create one lovely opportunity of reaching great success and becoming one amazing man, because your mentally sober which allows wisdom to sink in and good decision-making can take place when it comes to knowing what type of man you’re going to be and how you’re going to become the man you were placed on this earth to become. There’s no way to experience one without the other, what happens to you as a child will follow you into adult hood. Fix bad habits now so that those bad habits don’t follow you to your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Because I respected God’s law when I was a boy he’s granted me the desires of my heart. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to my life as a husband, father, career and business man. My wife and my son is one of my greatest gifts of all! God bless you and thank you for reading.


13 thoughts on “From BOY to MAN

  1. Great post! Very insightful and thoughtful post. You speak truth and I only hope that people take heed to your words of wisdom. Well said!

  2. THIS is an outstanding testimony that every Father should read & every young boy should heed..As a mother/Ma/Moms/Mama of 3 now-grown outstanding young brothers; I loved reading this! And many more should…re-blogging this in hopes that happens..Stay UPlifted & BLESSED..And congrats on building UP a beautiful family for all of our futures..I thank you for that..

  3. When you were a little boy, I knew then you were special. As a man you have exceeded my expectations, already, and you’ve only just begun!! I LOVE you Nephew…..continue to Fly!
    Aunt Sharon

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