Beyoncé no show at her father’s wedding???

Beyoncé no show at her father’s wedding???

Beyoncé and her dad may not be the best of friends because she dropped him as her manager a couple years back. We all know that B is very close to her mother, you don’t see one without the other. You also may know that Mr. Knowles (Beyoncé’s dad) cheated on her mom back in the day which led to divorce and reports came out that Mr. Knowles had a baby by the mistress, but the woman he’s marrying isn’t the woman he had the baby with, yea can you say hot mess! I bring this topic up because these are situations that some families go through when it comes to adultery in marriages.

I absolutely hate with a passion when I see interviews of female artist or just talking with day-to-day people, the theory that all men cheat, so untrue and so unfair to the faithful brothers! There are good men out here handling their responsibilities as faithful husbands and fathers! Just because a woman doesn’t know how to pick them, doesn’t mean every man is a cheater, but back to B for a moment. Beyoncé didn’t show up because of her tour dates but I say, it doesn’t matter if she was at home clipping her toe nails, I wouldn’t show up to the wedding because what Mr. Knowles did is hurt indescribable. Should Mr. Knowles have his daughters support? Do you think B is right for ignoring this whole situation of a wedding? Let’s talk about it!


5 thoughts on “Beyoncé no show at her father’s wedding???

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  2. I had to deal with a situation like the in my own life,it sounds like beyonce has not yet forgiven her father for his part in braking up the family so she may not be ready to celebrate him moving on cause healing has not taken place I had to learn to forgive so I could truly be happy for my own father

  3. Thank you for your comment Vonetta. I hear you as you said you had to forgive in order to be happy with your father. As I’ve gotten older I realize that forgiving someone is not just for that person but for you. Forgiving helps us move forward in life as well as help our prayers be heard by God because we forgave. It’s good to know that you were able to forgive, because of your brief testimony someone else will be inspired to forgive in whatever they may be going through. Thank you!

  4. Ok first off i’m a huge fan of Bey and I love her but you never know what’s going on with the family feud. They may have already had a personal discussion or her father may not have made an effort yet to sit down with her and hear her feelings on the situation, that’s all I have to say about that. Now on to this “woman not knowing how to pick em'” situation. Yes I admit woman are a little on the blind side when it comes down to picking a man but you cant blame them for trying. Usually woman (especially if their young like me) just have to patient and live a little bit more before they discover the perfect one, and you made another key point. Most men are out there being faithful and responsible fathers and that’s why theres none to pick from: all the good ones are gone. HA!

    • LoL! Thank you for your comment Felicia. You are too funny! You’ve brought up a lot of great points and that’s why I blog to hear from people like you and understand your thought process on different topics. Thanks for expressing your thoughts on Beyoncé and her father.

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