Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

 Is a million dollars a lot of money?  If you told your family you were a millionaire, would you go broke in a day or two?  If you used it to buy a nice house, car or pay bills and student loans and help family, wouldn’t the money almost be gone? So I guess the question really is…… who wants to be a billionaire? How would you handle having a million dollars? Let’s talk about it, what would you do if you won or earned a million dollars? Who would you tell?


2 thoughts on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  1. I’ve always said that if I was to become lucky enough to win the lottery, I would still have to work. I may not have the same job as I do now, but I need a steady reliable income coming in. I would also, like most people, pay off bills, get a house, a car, help family, and give to the church. Then of course most of it will be gone. I’m pretty sure I will have family members that I’ve never seen come ask for their family share. So, continuing to work is more of a question then being a millionaire or billionaire, because would we ever really have enough?

  2. Thank you for expressing your thoughts Tyronda. You’ve raised a very important question, will we ever have enough? No, I don’t believe we will ever have enough, unless we find a place of contentment in our lives. It seems as though the more we have the more we want. I would continue to work as well, or do my best to look into investments. It’s funny what you said about family, when you hit the lottery or become successful you gain 3rd cousins and never before seen brothers and sisters.

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