Watch Your Back!!!



Have you ever wondered why the media has mostly petty news to cover? Have you wondered what’s it like for men in high power behind the scenes, like the people who control the presidents every move? Have you ever asked why our society basses success off fame and fortune? Have you asked yourself about celebrities having false images, privacy, mind, beliefs, morals and values for record sales or attention and then turning to drugs? Have you ever ask yourself what’s with some of the politicians and their secret waves and handshakes that resembles satanic symbolism and worship. Did you ever say to yourself something just isn’t adding up right about the 911 terrorist attacks and the dark night shooting in Colorado as well as the shooting in New Town Connecticut that now has questioned our rights for the 2nd amendment right to bear arms? Have you ever ask yourself what’s up with satanic symbols in our pop and rap music videos. Have you ever heard about or researched or asked yourself about secret societies and who controls them?

All of those questions I just asked you, I asked myself. And let me tell you my friend, if you haven’t asked yourself any of those questions you are living in a fantasy world! Sorry, I’m going to have to get religious here for a moment, the bible says put no trust in any man but put your trust in God! We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places. This is a spiritual world a spiritual world of good versus evil! This world is headed towards a One World Government which will call for a New World Order! Research NWO and research secret societies and symbols. Everything that’s put before us is not what it seems behind the scene. But yet we live day-to-day having the, me myself and I mentality and for some of us wondering whose platform can I take over next and not asking our self’s these questions. We believe whatever the media says is to be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God! God says flee to the mountains when the time is near and don’t come back for any of your belongings. The bible also says people can perish for the lack of knowledge and he instructs us to pray for wisdom. The times we live in are the times that the anti-Christ will be welcome to this earth but he will come in peace and deceive many even Gods elect.

We have to have discernment and be watchful and not believe everything we hear in the media is the whole truth. We have to realize that there is always more to the story and those who are in control of the Federal Reserve and Government better believe they tell us what they want us to know not what we deserve to know. The time is near, I personally hope I’m with the Lord when crap hits the fan but I’m sure as heck not going to ignore the signs and ignore what’s going on with our Government and our beautiful earth! We have to be less dependent on the Government and more dependent on God and the wisdom he provides to us through prayer. That means get out of the rat race get out of debt and grow your own crops and food. Have your own source of water supply! We will lose the battle because people will continue to say people who talk about subjects like this are just conspiracy theorist, and that type of thinking will keep us blind to the truth.

God said it would be like the days of Noah, I bet when Noah was building the ark people was calling him stupid and a conspiracy theorist in their terms back then. We will lose the battle because people will finally wake up when it’s too late, and trust me I pray for the opposite but it’s already prophesied, thank God we will when the War because God will have the final say so. Yes God is with us through it all but remembering faith without works is dead and wisdom and knowledge is the key. God is with us because he already warned us, but are we listening? I just want you all to think and research and put the pieces to the puzzle together! If you need a brother to quote scripture I can and will for you but I wanted to say what was on my chest in the plainness of terms. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT, Love you guys!


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