Day-to-Day pepole versus Celebrities!

ImageI love my entertainment! I enjoy my sports, music, movies and reality TV shows and game shows. There is one thing I can’t stand with a passion, and that’s seeing my most favorite athletes and my most favorite celebrities and songstress financial net worth and stability be triple times as much as the financial stability of a fireman, Emt paramedic, doctor, lawyer, teacher, professor or that man or woman going to go earn his or her master’s or doctorate degree to be somebody great. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see people who have become world renown by sex tapes and album sales discarding human values and religion, or false images of an artist and promoting adultery and fornication and these same people stick their chest out actually thinking they are heroes…. really dude?

We have teachers teaching our kids and nurses and doctors saving lives every day and police fighting crimes and fireman saving lives daily, these hard workers should be the people who are called hero’s and they should be proud to be sticking their chest out every day and making triple the worth of those who we see on TV. I question our society because we have more men and woman trying to be the next Oprah, Denzel, Whitney Houston, Mariah Cary Michael Jordan, Lil Wayne, lady Gaga you know….. Etc. I’m not saying forget about those dreams, I’m simply saying why every dream has to have something to do with being in the spot light? I can make a good educated guess, money, fame and power defiantly sounds like a fantasy which means someone wants that image to be made a reality of their own. There are so many people in this society that desires glory. Even when that person get the glory and would die to get it, they still use their platform for all the wrong reasons. It’s not all of them but a majority. I’m just saying if those on TV are going to get all the attention, is there any room left for the real hero’s out there? The middle class hero’s saving lives daily and the hero’s like the police that get all the criminals off the street and make communities safer.

I know……. I know…….. the entertainment business makes millions too billions because the worlds watching and thousands of people are spending all there hard-earned money to keep up with the entertainment business, so of course they are going to be able to pay the stars millions. I just think the world would be a much better place if professional events and games weren’t so pricy. Wouldn’t it be awesome for a hard-working father to take his family to a professional game without breaking his pockets? I also believe lowering the cost of tickets would get crimes off the street as well because great events such as a huge concert or a professional sports game would be way more affordable, I’m just saying, am I crazy for thinking this way………shake my head……. Let’s talk about it!


3 thoughts on “Day-to-Day pepole versus Celebrities!

  1. I totally agree. The people/careers that really do put their “lives” on the line get paid a mere fraction of what entertainers get paid (that do nothing productive for society). It will never make sense but that’s one of many things that we need to work on in our view of the world.

  2. You open the door to one mighty debate … the state of our world, what we value and what we don’t!!! There are many willing to pay big bucks to be entertained … Or is it the other way around? They pay high because the entertainment is star class? Either way … I am sure there are many firemen, policemen, teachers, preachers, etc who will not want to switch roles; some values still remain and that is the consoling part.
    Flip side …. if these were high paying jobs … it would perhaps attract the dross and not the gold. Tough situ huh … ?? .

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