Love and Hip Hop ATL

Love and Hip Hop ATL

Love and hip hop Atlanta boy oh boy me and this show sure has a love hate relationship. For those who watch this show you might know what I mean by saying that but for those who haven’t seen this show complete RACHETNESS! When this show first came out I was like there is no way I’m going to entertain the foolishness but week by week I found myself watching 5 min to 10min to 20-30min to watching the whole show!!

It’s like my guilty pleasure which is something hard for me to admit. As I watch this show I wonder what is it that pulls me so into this show and what makes me sit and watch every week of course it’s because of the drama they display.

My question to whoever may be reading my thoughts on this is why do we find someone else’s drama or bad attitudes entertaining?

If they were singing com by ya my Lord they wouldn’t get any ratings. Are we deep down inside wishing for others to fail or do we like to see a solution from some ones tribulation. To whoever watches the show week by week I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that question, I sure did. This show helped me examine myself and made me realize I watch to see a person at their lowest point , but then I’m interested in how they become victories in the end when it’s all said and done.

It also reminds me that reaching the lowest point in your life is never the end of the road. And having wisdom and making good decisions is defiantly a benefit. What you do in your 20’s will follow you to your 30’s and what you do in your 30’s will follow you in your 40’s, so I would just get it right in my 20’s, can I get a witness?

What do you get from love in hip hop Atlanta? Let’s talk about it!


4 thoughts on “Love and Hip Hop ATL

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  2. I honestly don’t even know how I got into this show to begin with, lol. I totally swore I wouldn’t watch it just for the “ratchedness” it represented, but then somehow the “ratchedness” is what drew me in. The questions of how? why? what? made me watch it week after week. I am glad to see that many of the girls are doing much better than they were at the beginning of the season and are actually accomplishing goals that they set out to accomplish. I could say the same for the Real Housewives of Atlanta but that’s a whole other story.

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